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The companion workbook contains all the spreadsheets referenced in the book and is available for purchase and immediate download.

To modify the model to match your documentation projects, see "Customizing the models" in "DITA Metrics 101".

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Book and Companion Workbook testimonial

Gladstone Leslie Samuel

Group Manager- Internal Communication at ABB

"Mark's book is very well done. I can really comprehend and appreciate the intent behind this book. I had the unenviable task of convincing my management of moving towards structured authoring.

We have considerable legacy documents in multiple formats that are shipped to our customers during every product release. However we had challenges in terms of maintenance, navigation and search, redundancy, limited delivery formats, translation issues, etc. I had to do a comprehensive research to come up with the ROI data.

With many organizations moving from tradition to modular documentation it is imperative for the documentation group to convince the management with relevant ROI projections.

Using the models presented in the book and available companion workbook it is now possible for practitioners to create custom models and come up with the required cost savings data. I'm sure that readers will benefit immensely by reading this book."